San Clemente Stone Veneer

Installation of stone veneer on your walls serves as decorative concrete material. Stone veneers can either be natural or manufactured. Natural stone veneers are real stones that are quarried while the manufactured stone is made of pressed molds of aggregate and concrete materials. Call us at (949) 541-2077 for free estimates.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Flexible and easy to install

They are flexible hence can be installed on many surfaces such as metal, brick, cement, or wood. They can also be installed around curved and rounded areas.


Stone veneers are typically light hence there is the use of less effort to take them to the site. The installation work is also easier. Also, they don’t add a lot of weight on surfaces where they are installed on.

It is durable

Stone veneers are made of hard material and therefore, will last for long.

Easy maintenance

Stone veneers are easy to clean as they don’t require the use of special products. They can be restored easily because they have fewer crevices and nooks.


Stone veneers come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs.

Natural Stone Veneer and Manufactured Stone Veneer


Manufactured stone veneer contains many identical pieces and the finish of some is hand-painted. Natural stone veneer doesn’t have identical pieces and has natural variations of colors.


The cost of installation of a manufactured stone veneer is somewhat less compared to the natural stone veneer because its method of installation is repetitive.


A manufactured stone veneer is less porous than manufactured and is, therefore, more durable. Manufactured stone veneer can be affected by sunlight and rain causing it to fade with time.


Manufactured stone veneer can be installed on various nonstructural substrates, unlike natural stone veneer. However, unlike natural stone veneers, manufactured stone veneers cannot be fixed on harsh chemicals because they will wear out.

Installation of Stone Veneers

The manner in which the stone veneer is installed depends on the type of surface to which it will be attached. The installation of stone veneers requires a lot of skill. Therefore, you can count on experts from San Clemente Concrete Pros for the best results.

Steps Professional Concrete Contractors Use for Installing Stone Veneer

  • Prepare the surface – Remove chemical film from the wall.
  • Install vapor barrier and a metal lath – Apply vapor barrier on walls with a wood frame but if the wall is made of stone, a vapor barrier is not necessary. You should then install a metal lathe.
  • Apply scratch coat – Apply type N or S mortar coat and let it dry for about 24 hours before you install a stone veneer.
  • Prepare mortar mix – Prepare a thick paste of mortar mix that will be used to bond the veneer.
  • Apply the mortar – Mortar should be applied to scratch coat then onto the back of veneer stones.
  • Install veneer stones – Apply veneer pieces on the surface.
  • Grout the joints – Fill the joints of the stone veneer with grout mix.
  • Clean and seal – Clean the veneer and seal it to boost durability.

Engage exceptional services and advice of professionals from San Clemente Concrete Pros for perfect stone veneer installation in San Clemente. Contact us on (949) 541-2077 for free quotes!