San Clemente Concrete Wall

A concrete wall can be used in building construction to bear loads to the wall below. It can be used to hold water or soil back and can be adapted to protect buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes. Therefore; great care should be observed during its construction.

The right materials should be used to enhance their performance. You can count on professional concrete contractors from San Clemente Concrete to install a stable San Clemente concrete wall for you.

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Concrete Wall Installation Steps

Make a Wall Footer

  • Measure the outline for the wall: Decide on the width and length of your wall; map out the area of construction using a tape measure. Also, call the utility company to check utility lines in the area.
  • Excavate soil to create space for the footer and wall: dig out the soil based on the width of your wall, then dig space for the footer. The size of the footer will depend on the size of the concrete wall. The footer should be as tall as the width of the wall.
  • Compact the soil and level it out: use a tamper tool to press the soil and smoothen it out. Use a screed tool to level out the soil before pouring concrete.
  • Pour gravel into the hole: spread gravel inside the hole then compact and level it out. This layer enhances drainage in the soil, it also prevents concrete from cracking and shifting with time.
  • Place a steel rebar layer up the hole: the rebar will reinforce the concrete.
  • Mix concrete before pouring it into the footer hole: Pour concrete into the hole and smooth it out before it sets.
  • Cover your footer and leave it to cure: Place something moist over the concrete and sprinkle it with water daily to keep it wet.

Build Concrete Forms

  • Stack planks of wood to make a wall frame. These planks will hold the concrete in position as it cures.
  • Nail studs onto the back of every frame: space out studs on the frames.
  • Put wales across studs: They strengthen the forms.
  • Attach braces on the back of wales:  These provide stability to forms.
  • Nail sheets of plywood to frames.

Install Concrete Forms

  • Fix plywood boards close to your wall: they should be wide if they will support your forms.
  • Make holes on each side of studs: Leave space between studs and holes so as not to damage forms.
  • Pass wires through holes then tie them to wales: These will bond forms as you pour concrete.
  • Use a stick to tighten the wire.
  • Slide wood spacers beside every wire: The goal is to prevent forms from shifting.
  • Make holes through spreaders then fasten them together.

Pour and Cure Concrete

  • Mix concrete.
  • Pour concrete beginning from the end of the wall.
  • Take out spacers as you pour concrete.
  • Level out the concrete.
  • Cover the concrete and let it cure for 4 days.
  • Remove wires and forms connected to concrete.
  • Cover your wall and let it complete curing.

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