San Clemente Flagstone Patio

The patio in your backyard is not just a piece or slab of concrete. It is a place where you spend your leisure time, and you will want it to look different. That’s the reason you want it to be both good looking as well as functional.

One great way to get an artistic look to your existing patio is by using flagstones or big flat rocks. These large and colorful flat rocks create a variety of moods and subtle drama. You can get as creative as you can with flagstones. We at San Clemente Concrete Pros have a team of dedicated professionals, who with their years of experience, can create magic when it comes to a San Clemente flagstone patio. If you are planning on having one or want to renovate an existing one.

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What is a Flagstone?

Flagstone is not a separate form of stone. But, it is a mixture of several types of stones, cut into different irregular shapes and then put together. Granite, sandstone, and limestone are the most commonly used ones in fireplaces, driveways, walkways, and patios. These natural stones are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. Some of them are cut into regular shapes like square or rectangles, while some prefer irregular shapes for their flagstone patio as it gives a special rustic look to it.


Formed from natural stones, flagstone patio is much cheaper than a concrete patio as it does not need expensive mixers and specialized labor to install. The time taken to install is less too. The other benefit of using them is their uneven size and shape when coupled with the color of the natural stones looks much more natural, organic, authentic, and aesthetic than a concrete slab.


Concrete patios are much durable than flagstone patios. However, if installed properly, flagstone patios can also have a longer life too. The only point to keep in mind is to hire experts in this field so that the installation is really firm and accurate. The base layer of concrete is always a better option than a compressed gravel base for flagstone patio. It not only offers better stability but also will have improved hardness. This will ensure a much longer life for your flagstone patio.

Labor Cost

Labor costs can at times be expensive, especially if you opt for a customized flagstone patio, as the work needs an artistic approach with precision. However, with years of experience behind them, our flagstone patio expert team can work with you together to reduce the costs.

Hire San Clemente Concrete Pros

As mentioned earlier, the flagstone patio needs an artistic approach. Our team at San Clemente Concrete Pros has experienced and dedicated artists to help you with your selection of design and color and will install it to your taste.

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