San Clemente Paving Stones

Paving stones add class and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your property. You can use them in different designs to suit your specifications. San Clemente paving stones are available in various patterns such as running bond, parquet, circular, fan, and herringbone.

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They also come in different colors like gray, yellow, blue, black, red, and tan. You can choose from a wide range of shapes such as diamond, rectangle, circle, octagon, bullnose, and oblong. You can combine various patterns, shapes, and colors to come up with certain themes like Mediterranean, modern, avant-garde, or old world.

Types of Paving Stones

There are essentially two types of stone pavers. These are natural and manufactured. Natural paving stones include:

  • Bluestone: It is made up of sand and various particles. It is called so because its hue is bluish-gray. It is ideal in applications such as driveways and patios.
  • Granite: it is strong and long-lasting. It is usually used in the installation of courtyards, patios, and decks.
  • Sandstone: It is functionally used as a veneer material and also in courtyards and verandas.
  • Cobblestone: These ones evoke an old school feeling.
  • Flagstone: They are ideal in yards that are constantly exposed to sunlight because they are durable and do not absorb heat.

On the other hand, manufactured paving stones look like natural paving stones hence your installations will look like they are made of natural paver stone but you will incur less cost.  These paving stones from masonry contractors can also last for many years and are thus value- for- money. They provide beauty in various utilities.

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How Concrete Professionals Install Paving Stones

Follow these steps to install your paving stones:

1. Plan the installation

  • Call for utility company services: It will recommend the location of pipes and cables. They will also check if there are any underneath cables to your planned location.
  • Draw your plan: draw the plan of your installation to estimate the quantity of paving stones you require.
  • Select pattern: Before purchasing paving stones, decide on your desired pattern:

2. Prepare the base

  • Excavate the soil: remove the soil from where you will install your paving stones deep enough till you get to a firm surface.
  • Pour and compact gravel: Pour in the gravel on which paving stones will be laid as they allow for water drainage and then compact them.
  • Add bedding sand: This helps to hold stone pavers in position.
  • Screed the sand: Scrap the bubble level on the sand.

3. Installing stone pavers

  • Place edge restraints: These prevent paving stones and sand from shifting out of place.
  • Install paving stones: Place them gently on the sand and leave a narrow space between them.
  • Compact stone pavers: Use a plate compactor over the paving stones so as to set them onto the sand bed.
  • Fill the gaps with sand: Pour sand on paving stones then sweep it to fill the gaps.
  • Clean and seal: Sweep away excess sand then use a paver sealer at the joints to enhance durability.

If you would like your stone pavers to be perfectly installed, you should engage the services of trained experts from San Clemente Concrete Pros.

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