San Clemente Brick Pavers

Brick pavers give your garden paths, driveways, and patios a standard and natural appearance. They beautifully compliment your applications with such an irresistible eye-catching elegance. They are made from clay that is compressed and then subjected to heat at high temperatures in a kiln. Most significantly, they are strong and can last for many years.

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You can choose from a variety of different earth-toned colors from the selection prepared by the best San Clemente brick pavers experts.

Benefits of Brick Pavers in San Clemente, CA

Brick pavers have a wide range of benefits hence they offer great value for money. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, laying patterns as well as surface finishes.

The following are benefits of brick pavers:

  • Durable and strong – Brick pavers can adequately withstand heavy loads hence they can be used in a variety of landscaping installations. They can last for decades while retaining their color.
  • Less maintenance – You will incur minimal maintenance costs for brick pavers as they last for many years.
  • Non-slip surface – Naturally, the surface texture of these pavers is rough hence you will not skid when walking on them.
  • Eco-friendly – These pavers are made using natural clay. Therefore, you are assured that they will retain their finish and color for long. They can also be reused and cleaned and therefore, they are a sustainable choice.

Care and Maintenance

Ultraviolet rays and moisture can cause weathering of brick pavers. To maintain the attractive look of your floor, you should clean your brick pavers periodically to remove stains. Avoid using water repellants that may hamper the brick pavers from naturally performing their function. After washing, seal the surface and joints of brick pavers to improve durability. Uproot weeds from between the pavers. Repair the cracks using a mortar and allow it to fully dry.

Brick Paver Installation Procedure

For the best results, call a qualified practitioner to install the brick pavers. The following are steps that the masonry contractor will follow:

  • Mark the area where the brick pavers will be laid by the use of strings.
  • Excavate the soil to the desired depth
  • Add gravel where the soil has been removed.
  • Compact the gravel
  • Add sand on top of gravel layer and level it
  • Install the brick pavers in your desired design
  • Level the brick pavers surface using a heavy roller
  • Fill the spaces between the brick pavers with sand

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