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Hardscape Contractor focuses on all the non-living things on the landscape.

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It can include a wide range of decorative additions to your landscape, such as:

  • Brick patios – This hardscaping option is a great choice for providing your home with an elegant look
  • Flagstone patios – This is a great and inexpensive option for providing that natural look
  • Gravel pathways – These provide a great alternative to stone or brick walks
  • Stone walkway – A good option for pathways in a garden
  • Wooden gazebos, arbors or pergolas – These structures serve different roles. They are a great choice for getting into the sun while also decorating your landscape. A pergola looks like an arbor and is often affixed to a house or any other structure.
  • Water features like fountains and ponds – A good way in which you can merge hardscaping with soft capping is by growing plants around water features.
  • Concrete patios – This is an excellent choice for those who need a patio but needs something that requires slow maintenance compared to brick. One way of sprucing these areas is by adding some tiles.
  • Metal fences – These include coated iron or steel. If you don’t love metal’s appearance, you can go with wood.
  • Stone steps and retaining walls can be used to improve drainage and level uneven slopes.
  • Fences and gates to provide security and privacy while defining the line of the property

Importance of Hardscaping

When you talk to a good hardscape contractor, they will tell that your hardscape can become a focal point that draws people’s eyes. Hardscaping projects can be the adhesive that connects your outdoor gardens with walkways, patios, and paths. The different hardscaping elements can also help to coordinate, contrast, and bring harmony to your landscape.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hardscape Project

The majority of homeowners try to match the hardscaping to the interior of their homes so that two environments can blend well with. Ensure that you have a good mix of hardscape and softscape elements. When you have too much hardscaping, your property will appear cold and sterile. On the other hand, having too much soft capping will make your yard appear overgrown.

If you would like your yard to get a new look, you will need to begin your search for a good masonry contractor who understands how to work with different hardscape designs. At San Clemente Concrete, we have San Clemente hardscape contractors who can help enhance the look of your property.

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