San Clemente Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that has been designed to hold back soil matter or to withstand the lateral pressure that is caused by soil. Lateral pressure can occur as a result of earth filing, sand, liquid pressure, and other kinds of granular materials behind the structure of the San Clemente retaining walls.

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Application of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be used to do the following;

Prevent Soil Erosion

A retaining wall will ensure that soil can’t be washed away. If you have a bumpy or hilly lawn, you will need one or two retaining walls to prevent the buildup of water and water running off. The wall will ensure that you have a level playing field while providing you with more flexibility in the outdoor space. A retaining wall can add drainage, ensuring that you don’t get muddy and messy in your lawn after snowfall or rain.

However, you will need to ensure that your retaining wall has been built right. If it isn’t set well on a base with proper waterproofing and draining, it can be quite unstable. This is why you need to work with an experienced masonry contractor who has the right experience in the construction of retaining walls.

Add Aesthetic Value

Retaining walls are very useful. At times, they add beauty and drama to your landscape. The stone warmth and brick elegance can blend well with the natural elements. Retaining walls are effective in rural landscapes, formal gardens, or traditional settings. To add a more stylish appearance, you should add curved or circular areas that will break up the long stone line.

A retaining wall requires a solid base. Ensure that the base is made of a similar material as the wall, and this has been extended to the seating area, patio, or even the other living space. Alternatively, you can turn short walls into some seating walls to add to the comfort and sophistication of entertaining outdoor space.

Have Various Gardening Options

A retaining wall can help your garden to remain level, keeping away rain from the garden and enabling you to try out various landscaping options. The retaining wall can also act as a freestanding container garden. Create some circular areas on walls before filling them with fertilizer, dirt, and plants. You can also stand decorative planters on the wall top. Plant climbers such as clematis, morning glory, and roses can add color and romance to a wall.

Ideas on decorating your retaining wall can come from various places. Therefore, look at parks and gardens that inspire you on their use of retaining walls.

Choose Desired Size

When planning where to place your retaining wall, remember that if the wall is less than 4 feet, it can be constructed by a professional mason who has specialized knowledge of the location. If the wall is taller than this, it will require a bigger base.

No matter the size of the retaining wall you need, you can count on San Clemente Concrete Pros. We have the knowledge and experience needed to create a stable retaining wall of any height.

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