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Concrete masonry units (CMUs) refer to block that are used by the concrete contractor of San Clemente Concrete Pros to create structures such as walls and fences. Generally, these are usually made of concrete and aggregates of a particular mixture. Depending on the desired strength, CMUs may not be required to bear a load.

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Best Types of Concrete Works

Some of the popular types of concrete units include:

Hollow Concrete Blocks

These are commonly used by concrete contractors to make different structures. They are made of a lightweight aggregate that has a particular load depending on use. In most cases, concrete hollow blocks contain voids that are a quarter of their gross area. But for it to withstand its load-bearing capacity, the solid part should at least behalf of the area. The voids should then be filled with mortar consisting of lightweight aggregate material.

Concrete Bricks

These are small blocks that are rectangular and are arranged and piled in a systematic way to make a rigid wall. The bricks can be made of concrete or cooked clay.  At times, solid concrete is used while other manufacturers create bricks using different colors as per the client’s request. Concrete blocks are commonly used in making fences and facades as it offers a sleek and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Solid Concrete Blocks

Even though these are bigger and denser than concrete blocks, these are often made to be strong and heavy. They are created using naturally dense aggregates. Due to their strength, they are commonly used to make structures that can bear a load. Even though they are similar to the concrete blocks, solid concrete blocks are usually heavier and more expensive. They can withstand more weight as compared to the bricks.

Paving Blocks

These consist of a square or rectangular box that are made using reinforced concrete. The blocks are commonly used to make road shoulders and paving and should, therefore, be painted using concrete paint with high visibility to enable drivers and motorists to see them.

Lintel Blocks

These concrete blocks are used to make lintel beams. They are made in a manner that works like masonry units as well as formworks. These consist of the deep groove where the reinforcing bars are put in combination with concrete. What this means is that these acts as a lasting formwork system for a lintel beam member. Many concrete contractors find them to be helpful and efficient as they serve two different purposes.

Concrete Stretcher Blocks

These have certain similarities to the corner blocks and are combined with the masonry units. A concrete corner block looks like the normal hollow blocks but they lie parallel to the wall. Just like the rest of the masonry blocks in this list, these are combined with reinforcement bars and the right mortar.

Hire San Clemente Concrete and Masonry Contractors

No matter the kind of masonry unit, you are trying to create; you need a good concrete contractor who understands how to use different types of concrete blocks. One such contractor is San Clemente Concrete.

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