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Stamped concrete patios can elevate the appearance of your property in a way that onlookers will pause for a moment to have a look at them. There are various styles, textures, patterns, and materials available to build a great looking and durable stamped patio in San Clemente. We serve you to get the desired feel and crunch your or and business deserves with the help of our stamped concrete experts.

Stamped Concrete Patio Experts

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Why Use Stamped Concrete for Patios?

Stamped concrete patios give your landscape a lush look and high-class durability. It can last for as long as 20 to 25 years if installed and maintained correctly. A stamped patio requires a different level of stamping work depending on the location, ambiance of your home, and its usage. The texture and colors should also be chosen such that they complement the overall statement of your property. Apart from patios, we can also use stamped concrete to beautify other structures in and around your property, such as pavements, poolside, backyards, office landscapes, etc.

Every home deserves a warm, vibrant, and welcoming outlook, and stamped concrete structures can provide you with that. Stamped concrete constructions, along with providing impeccable looks, can also be very budget-friendly. We provide you with an array of options to choose from, to help achieve the elegant look you wanted for your home.

Types of Stamped Patio

There are a variety of materials available for stamped patio; however, concrete proves to be the most cost-effective and efficient one. It is one of the most durable elements, and moreover, it’s heat-absorbing quality is second none. Since we are capable of handling any pattern, texture, and color for your stamped concrete patio, you are free to experiment on your visions and come up with a design that best suits your taste.

Below is the list of some of the most followed patterns and textures, and you are most welcome to mix them up if you wish.

  • Ashlar
  • Medallion
  • Cobblestone
  • Ashlar Slate
  • Royal Slate
  • Wide Non-Slip Diamond
  • Random Stone

Stamped Concrete Patio – Basic Procedure

Concrete stamping basically involves blocks of colored or natural concrete depending on the preference. If required, color can be added to the concrete paste onsite. After the concrete is poured, it takes at least a day to settle and two or more days to hammer and patch dry any chips and cracks.

Once done, it is power washed, left for drying, and then sealed. Sealing is recommended and necessary to protect the patio from absorbing stains as well as to highlight the concrete color better. Sealers are also applied to make the concrete surface edgy and less slippery. They are required to be re-coated every 3-5 years for better durability.

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Above mentioned are just basics; however, we can go beyond and do much better to get your area textured or patterned inexpensively and handily. We are San Clemente Concrete Pros who always aim to give you immense perfection and to help you to complete the construction process, step by step.

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