San Clemente Concrete Steps

Concrete steps act as a bridge between the patio and the entrance of your house. Poured concrete steps are very often durable and can be poured into various shapes. However, pouring them yourself will not only be difficult but will also very laborious and hectic.

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How San Clemente Concrete Professionals Handle Concrete Steps

Access the area and the number of steps you need first. The actual height where the stairs will end along with the width and the distance between each step needs to be ascertained too. 

If the total rise of your staircase is known, it will be easy for you to determine the number of stairs, which is done by dividing the total height with the height of each step. The risers, typically are 6 to 8 inches in height. In most of the cases, the number of risers and treads is equal.

Once you know the number of stairs you will need, you can then decide on the height as well as the depth of each tread. An 11-inch tread is considered to be the best size as it fits both large as well small feet easily.

And now, the total length of the stringers is to be calculated, which is a little complicated process. Take the number of total rises and multiply it with the same number. Take the total run and multiply with the same number. Now add those two results and take a square root of it. Then you have to get the inverse sine, i.e. sin-1 of the total rise divided by the length of the stringer.

Handrails and Concrete Steps

If you need handrails for your concrete steps, this is the time to decide. Because, if you need it, some brackets are to be installed before or during the concrete is being poured. However, if the staircase is standing next to a wall, you can install handrails anytime.

Now that all measurements are done, and everything is ready, you will need to make a frame of wooden stakes. Make sure that you mark all the measurements exactly. Incorporate any predetermined design or format you want for your concrete steps.

To start the excavation process, with the help of a shovel, dig a pit of 8 inches deep. Make sure to remove all the uneven rocks and tree roots if any. This will ensure that the poured concrete sits well. Then, lay a sub-base of granular stones to make the surface even and firm. Place the wooden frame on it and make sure that it does not slope off on either side while pouring concrete.

With the help of a good cement mixer, mix all the ingredients. Keep a trowel while pouring to make the concrete steps flat and smoothen the surface. Let it dry. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to dry fully. Keep curing it with water regularly.

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The process of pouring concrete steps is not as easy as it sounds to be. A lot of precision and expertise is needed to get the desired shape, size, and design. At San Clemente Concrete Pros, we have years of experience in undertaking various types of concrete and building works. If you ever happen to plan for concrete steps.

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