San Clemente Concrete Resurfacing

Probably your concrete pathway, pool deck, patio or walkway is broken, pitted, or cracked and you are contemplating restoring its lost glory. Concrete resurfacing is the way to go. It is convenient because it is cost-effective and involves minimal interruption as compared to concrete replacement. Concrete resurfacing also increases the concrete lifespan. The damaged concrete will have an aesthetically attractive look again. You can count on the services of experts from San Clement Concrete for the best results. The good news is that during concrete resurfacing, you are presented with the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of textures, designs, and colors.

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The Procedure of Concrete Resurfacing

  • Concrete is cleaned
  • Holes and cracks are repaired
  • The concrete is overlaid with a new surface
  • The surface is colored
  • The surface is treated

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing


The process is cost-effective because you will incur low labor costs. You will not spend a lot of money on materials as compared to a replacement but in the end you will have an appealing new surface.

Easy to Apply

Products used in concrete resurfacing are self-leveling implying that they require less effort to create a level and smooth surface. What should be majorly done is seeing to it that the whole surface has been spread with the resurfacing product. Instead of incurring a lot of expenses replacing the worn-out concrete, you can opt for concrete resurfacing that shall, in turn, restore the elegance of your surface.

Various Colors and Designs

Concrete resurfacing allows for customization of concrete surfaces with various designs and colors. This offers an aesthetic finish without spending huge sums of money.


Materials used in this process are resilient to future wear and tear and some are resistant to stains. Therefore, the new surface will last longer.

Better Look

Concrete resurfacing will boost the value and look of your home by giving it a fresh look.


It doesn’t take a lot of time doing concrete resurfacing.

Concrete Refinishing

This process involves restoring or changing colors in concrete surfaces for aesthetic value. When the concrete surface becomes cracked, stained, and chipped, it can be refinished with concrete surface coatings. This improves the appearance and duration of your surface. Finished surfaces are easy to clean.

The Procedure of Concrete Refinishing

This process should be done by a qualified concrete contractor professional with the perfect results. The steps involved are:

  • Grinding the surface
  • Applying a chemical densifier to fill the holes
  • Reground using a finer gauge floor polisher

Benefits of Concrete Refinishing

  • Affordable fast installation – Concrete refinishing is cheaper than replacing. It is a quick process that minimizes disruptions.
  • Customizable design – When refinishing, surface coatings can be customized to your desired design.
  • Boost safety – Application of slip-resistant coatings improves safety when using surfaces and minimizes weather damage.
  • Boost curb appeal – concrete resurfacing protects and improves the value of your home.
  • Durable quality – Concrete refinishing ensures your surfaces last for long.

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