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If there is a crack in your home’s foundation, this can be unsettling as it could cause huge damages to the foundation of your home. This could, in turn, result in expensive repairs. Before you find a masonry contractor to repair the crack, you will need to start by determining the kind of crack. This can help you determine the kind of damage to the foundation, what caused it, and the severity of the problem.

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Repair and Prevention of Concrete Foundation Damage

To get a better understanding of the type of foundation damage, here are some of the common types of cracks.

Diagonal Cracks

This type of crack usually runs diagonally to the basement wall or foundation at an angle of 30 to 75 degrees. The crack may be hairline but will end up wider on one side. These types of cracks are commonly caused by a differential settling of the foundation. A differential settling involves one side of the foundation settling lower than the other part.

This uneven tension results in diagonal cracking. One of the causes of differential settling is due to the house getting constructed on a hill or as a result of contraction and expansion of soil under part of the home. This crack type is often more expensive to repair as compared to the vertical crack, as there may be a need to address the various settlements after the crack sealing.

However, one solution can be as simple as gutter installation to ensure that rainwater is directed away from one part of the property that often gets flooded. This is important as water could be the main reason why part of the foundation is shifting.

Horizontal Cracks

When foundation cracks run horizontally, these can have very serious consequences. This is because they are a sign of serious damage to the structural integrity and foundation of the property. Even though these cracks are also in homes that have a concrete foundation, they are commonly found in homes with brick foundations or concrete blocks.

This foundation damage can be caused by several factors, such as the soil pressure outside the foundation, as well as the hydrostatic pressure that can result in the bowing of your basement wall. When you come across this kind of foundation damage, you will need to ensure that it is repaired very fast before it can affect the structural integrity of your home. This kind of cracking will need expensive repairs, which can include reparsing of the foundation to secure it and ensure there is no more damage.

Vertical Crack

Of the different foundation cracks you are likely to come across, the most common one is vertical cracks. This is also the least severe. These cracks often run up and down. Alternatively, they can be slightly diagonal. These cracks are often caused by settling of the foundation and can, therefore, also occur in new houses.

The good news is that these crack types are usually the cheapest and easiest to repair. Crack repair is something that is sensitive and is best left to a professional San Juan Capistrano concrete contractor from San Clemente Concrete Pros.

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