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Concrete is one of the most popular and versatile construction materials used by Dana Point concrete contractors. It is used to make a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The strength of the concrete is on the inside, but it is beautiful on the outside.

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To enhance the interior look, various techniques and materials can be used. These include:

Concrete Finishing

One of the popular concrete finishing is a smooth surface that is created using trowels and screeds. After placing concrete in forms, a screed can be used to level the surface. In most cases, the screed will be made of long pieces of wood or metal pushed and pulled across the surface of the concrete to remove excess concrete and fill the gaps in the concrete’s surface.


The role of edging is to conduct beveled or rounded edges on finished concrete. It should also create joints that were necessary to reduce the chances of cracking. A certain edging tool can be used to finish the task.

Broom Finish

To have a slip-resistant concrete surface, apply a broom finish. This should be done after the concrete placement, troweling, and leveling. After achieving a smooth surface, you can drag the broom on the concrete surface to leave some small ridges that can offer traction control, especially in wet surfaces. If the concrete surface doesn’t have a broom finish, it will be slippery and can be dangerous when there is liquid present on a surface.

Floating and Troweling

Dana Point masonry contractors use trowels for smoothening and fine-leveling the concrete surface after tooling the concrete using a screed. This can be done either manually or with the use of a machine. A trowel is used for the manual smoothening of concrete on a surface.

Concrete Coloring

Colors can be added to concrete to provide a look at the surrounding structure. To achieve this, post-curing staining and mix-added pigments can be used. Staining products are used to change the color of concrete surfaces. Pigments are also added to a concrete mix before pouring.

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